The first of its kind: Patchdirector
sound archive & classification system
for Win & OS X

available in English and Deutsch

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Download full version for Win 7 and up <> Download full version for OS X 10.7 and up

Download Soundflower-2.0b2.dmg (needed only for OS X)

Manual (English) version 1.0 <> Handbuch (Deutsch) Version 1.0

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Download the 1 GB Container “Native Instruments Massive” and “u-He Diva”
(the container does NOT contain the plugins nor does it hurt any copyrighted material)

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Patchdirector manages audio snippets of presets from either renowned manufacturers or your own creations. Its sound banks contains audio sound samples 20-60 seconds in length for each preset included in the original delivered synthesizer.
An app for musicians, composers, DJs and producers to manage synthesizer sounds (patches), factory-preset sounds (presets) and audio samples of any kind. Never again a lost or forgotten sound. Use your resources and become more creative.
With lightning fast search and outstanding options for grouping, protecting and exporting your own work,  Patchdirector is truly a Swiss Army knife for creative minds who work with sound.


Patchdirector is a universal application and is completely independent of any synthesizer manufacturer’s proprietary solutions.
Compare all audio samples of all models simultaneously based on up to 64 different criteria (instrument, categories, and tonal character).
Sounds for any project can also be grouped together. These groups in turn can be exported as separate sound banks and passed on to others (even cross-platform from Win<=>Mac). The original source (model and bank) remains saved in the presets!


Similar to a cookbook where you can search for ingredients (patches) and recipes (presets) for a menu (song), Patchdirector allows you to very easily find and compile the right sounds or special characters for a song or a project.
A manual that we always keep up-to-date helps you to use the tools effectively and to achieve the best possible result.


You have two options:

Option 1: Create your own sound banks. Perfect for sound designers, for example. Every sound source can be used, as long as its played via a suitable host. Patchdirector offers every feature you need:
◦ Search
◦ Play
◦ Group
◦ Record (mp3 at 128/160 kB/s)
◦ Watermark
◦ Tag
◦ Import
◦ Export

Patchdirector’s main features are designed to be used as easily as possible.

Option 2: Import ready-to-use sound banks with or without audio. This can include container files shared by your friends or our professional, well-recorded and prepared sound banks from our shop.

Start recording today!
Share your work with others and benefit from their work!

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